Wattlestone acquires, owns and operates a portfolio of businesses alongside passive investments across a range of sectors

We actively look for opportunities across a range of sectors taking minority passive positions alongside people we trust and admire through to 100% ownership of the business. We invest our own capital (we are not a private equity or venture manager) with a very long term investment horizon. Ideally we like to own our businesses forever.

Outside of our passive investments and for those business we own and operate. We look to align top tier management with the tried and tested Wattlestone business systems “WBS”, which drive improvements and efficiencies in business processes, along with our global network that allows us to execute on clearly defined objectives for long term growth and success.

Wattlestone aligns with management as a genuine partner or for those owner operators seeking to transition the business to a trusted custodian.

What we are looking for:

Equity Position: Minority through to 100% equity

Industry Sectors: Sector agnostic

Profitable & cash generative: 1-5m EBITDA. We do not invest in start-ups or unprofitable businesses

Platforms: Opportunity to consolidate within an industry or expand in to adjacencies

How we can help:

  • Facilitate exit of founders or existing shareholders
  • Provide capital for organic growth
  • Fund acquisitions
  • Assist with operational improvements through investment in technology

What we bring:

  • Our own capital – we do not rely on external investors to complete transactions
  • Long term investment horizon – no fixed hold period
  • Hands on experience in starting, operating and scaling businesses in different industries
  • Strong understanding of technology
  • An honest and transparent approach focused on building enduring partnerships and success

Importantly, we have raised capital for and sold operating businesses in the past – we deeply understand the challenges these events can create for business owners, and our investment process is designed to minimise disruption.