LaTour Media Group is a Paris based media group comprising various brands offering complementary solutions combining moving OOH, canvas, urban scenography and mobility data analysis.

The group is operates in France, Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom working with brands such as Dior, Netflix, Skoda, Sixt, Square, Visa, Sephora, Warner Bros and many other household names. The group is comprised of Adriver, Terres Rouges and Seiki.

Adriver has established itself as an innovator in OOH, bringing exclusive tech solutions to brands to guarantee them transparency and efficiency in their campaigns with us. Now operating in France, the UK and Italy, we are bringing a smart alternative to traditional outdoor to advertisers across Europe with offices in Paris, London and Milano.

Terres Rouges is a French based large format scenography business, with existing relationships with a number of very high end consumer brands ie Louis Vuitton, Dior, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent

Seiki is a data analytics / data mobility company supporting the other brands and providing customers with real time data analytics to make clear investment decisions on their marketing spend along with consumer insights to better inform trends and behaviours.

LaTour Media Group is lead by founder and CEO Hadrien De La Tour who has had multiple successful ventures with great passion for building a substantial global business. For more information, please visit LaTour Media Group website.