The technology being developed by De Motu Cordis is a medical device utilising patented inhalation technology to provide emergency treatment utilising the pulmonary pathway to deliver life saving medications via the lungs. Due to the surface area of the lungs being approximately 50 times larger than the area of the patients skin, medications rapidly absorb into the blood stream providing fast and effective treatment.

The current first line treatment in the market is the application of Adrenaline which rapidly reverses the effects of anaphylaxis with the current standard being administered via intramuscular injection as soon as possible via an auto-injector by the patient themselves or a bystander. There are approximately 29,000 food induced anaphylactic reactions in the US each year, costing the US economy $25 billion each year with up to 84% of adrenaline auto injectors being used incorrectly. For more information, please visit De Motu Cordis