15 Feb 2024

Wattlestone invests in French offline communications manager

Wattlestone is excited to announce its investment in European based, Covworld. The business provides a one-stop shop for the deployment of shop front and vehicle visuals, managing installation and monitoring customers offline communication campaigns solving what is currently a complex and expensive process for advertisers and brands to manage. Due to the cost and number of third parties involved, it is estimated that only 20% of the total cost of an offline campaign actually goes to the field.

Covworld offers turnkey deployment of offline communication campaigns allowing customers to more effectively utilise their existing assets from a marketing stand point ie vehicles, retail shop fronts, real estate and the like.

Covworld provides a platform of service designed to source competitive pricing from printers, installers and other partners managing the end to end deployment of vehicle or store graphic displays making offline as easy and online deployment for the advertiser.

For more information about Covworld, please visit the website