5 Dec 2020

Austpec Holdings rebrands to Wattlestone

The Northcott family’s private investment company has today announced a rebranding to Wattlestone.

Austpec will remain part of the Wattlestone group and focus on its foundations as a property investor when founded by Andrew and Tom’s father, Robert Northcott from its Adelaide base in 1986 as Australian Property and Equities Corporation (Austpec). Austpec will remain as the groups real estate and investment platform.

The Wattlestone name represents Wattlestone’s proudly Australian and Queensland home. The Golden Wattle is represented on the Australian Coat of Arms supporting our proud Australian roots and is native to South Australia the birthplace of generations of the Northcott Family with the first Queensland Wattle’s landing in South East Queensland just as the Northcott family landed in 1991. The Golden Wattle is the highest yielding of all Wattles and was exported to the northern hemisphere in the mid-1800s to protect the farmers assets and crops as wind breaks.

As there are many forms of valuable “Stone’s“, this represents the many facets of the Northcott family’s operations with the commonality of being down to earth, strong, resilient, valuable, evolving over time and enduring.

Wattlestone brings together the history of generations of the Northcott family with the current generation proudly establishing a new path forward. Andrew Northcott is the founder behind Wattlestone, proudly Queensland based and creating long term value through a core focus on the energy, technology, consumer and real estate sectors. Andrew is the founder and CEO of successful global technology business Roubler of which Wattlestone remains a substantial shareholder alongside private equity giant KKR backed MYOB.