22 Jun 2023

Wattlestone joins Me&U hospitality technology

Wattlestone has participated in the Series C capital raise in leading hospitality technology platform, Me&U.

“We were inspired by founder, Steve Premutico’s passion and deep understanding of both the sector and changing dynamics during and post pandemic consumer behavior. Steve has established a world class technology platform with significant venue and customer benefits along with sophisticated AI and machine learning tools driving margin uplift for the operator” Said Andrew Northcott

Me&U is establishing a global footprint with 125+ team members, 1,000+ venues, 10m+ customers tapping on globally and 1.3m+ transactions per month. Me&u provides venues with up to 30% greater spend per customer through efficient and ease of ordering combined with the AI driven upsells increasing the average transaction value. Staff also benefit with a 68% increase in staff tips generated through the app being a critical metric for the US market.

Wattlestone has joined other leading hospitality and technology investors including Justin Hemmes or Narivale, Neil Perry, Adam Flaskas of Howard Smith Wharves along with Mike Abbot from Uber, Jason Pellegrino from Domain and Google and Cliff Resenberg from Afterpay and Linkedin.