27 Sep 2022
Renewable Energy

Wattlestone invests in emerging Copper producer

CopperCorp is an innovative Australian copper and gold developer, based in Queensland with a focus on developing the Mt Norma and North Cloncurry Copper Projects, as well as Gold Projects in the heart of the Cloncurry Region. With government’s worldwide continuing to outline plans to reduce carbon emissions, move towards electrifying transportation and accelerating their efforts towards green energy, CopperCorp is looking to become a key copper producer to assist in meeting the considerable forecasted demand required for this green revolution.

CopperCorp’s flagship Mt Norma Copper Project is a unique world-class resource with the potential to produce significant amounts of Copper and Gold in the near future.

The investment opportunity excited Wattlestone with short timeframes to production with existing leach and processing facilities only requiring minor upgrades to take capacity to 6 tonnes of copper sulphate per day and an estimated AUD 9.3m of copper metal sitting in the leach tank with a further 243m of ore ready for processing sitting next to the plant.

The CopperCorp investment aligns with Wattlestone’s long term view over the past decade of the significant opportunity that exists with the electrification of renewable energy.