29 Sep 2022
Vecco Group

Queensland Government Announce $62 billion Renewable Energy Plan

The Queensland Premier has announced a plan to connect 22 gigawatt of renewable energy projects as part of a $62 billion renewable energy plan to be delivered by 2032. The plan is aimed at phasing out coal generation by 2035.

Queensland will legislate an increased renewable energy target of 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035.

The QLD government said “To support battery storage, the energy and jobs plan commits $500 million for a procurement pipeline. That includes new flow battery technologies that can be made in Queensland with locally sourced minerals.” The plan also supports “jobs building and deploying flow battery technologies”

“In Queensland we have: The renewable resources above the ground Combined with the critical minerals below the ground to be a renewable energy superpower.” Queensland’s economy will grow by an additional $25.7 billion, supported by: “Growth in clean energy industries including metals processing, critical minerals, green hydrogen and battery manufacturing.”