4 Feb 2022

Wattlestone invests in Health & Wellness business

Wattlestone has invested as part of the latest Fortitude Investment Partners investment, in health and wellness business, Nutra Organics.

Nutra Organics is a branded functional food business, selling nutritional supplements. The business was founded in 1998 by Mark and Darlene Powell and remains based in Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales. Nutra Organics has grown considerably in recent years, with a focus on functional foods for general
wellness and beauty based efficacy.

Nutra manages the production of a large range of functional foods including supplements for wellbeing; has recently expanded into topical beauty products and is expanding into medicinal products approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”). Product ranges include Collagen & gelatin, Nourishing bone broths, Clean active range, Family nutrition, Kids superfoods, Topical skincare along with Superfood latte blends, sachets for convenience and merchandise.