13 Oct 2021

Wattlestone invests in hazardous waste business

Wattlestone invests as part of Alvia Partners investment in Pure Environmental. Pure Environmental is a holding company with the intent of acquiring and investing in hazardous waste businesses across Australia, with its first acquisition being Westrex Services, Queenslands’s leading harzardous waste management company.

Wattlestone was introduced to the opportunity by and pleased to invest alongside Alvia Partners in such a high quality business with high barriers to entry, great management team, supportive and long term shareholders and significant growth opportunity.

Pure Environmental was formed in 2021 as a wholly owned Australian company with the intention of acquiring quality businesses and scale existing operations to provide a credible and an independent alternative in the hazardous waste industry which has significant consolidation over the past decade.

Pure Environmental employs an experienced team of environmental scientists, engineers, chemists and industry professionals who excel at successfully delivering complex waste and site remediation solutions. covering services services cover hazardous waste, water treatment, packaged chemicals and resource recovery.