5 Oct 2020

MYOB announces significant investment in Roubler

Roubler on Laptop

Wattlestone’s software as a service workforce management platform, Roubler has today announced that, KKR backed MYOB, has made a significant investment in the company.

The investment will help Roubler drive growth and accelerate its product roadmap, enabling new features and enhancements to its sophisticated workforce features including further enhancements to its industry leading AI tools.

 “We’re hugely excited about this new chapter for our business. When we started out, we wanted to build a workforce management solution that was not only relevant, but that would change the industry,” says Andrew Northcott, Roubler Founder and CEO.

“With MYOB, we’ve not only found a supportive partner and shareholder, but one that understands our vision and can help us scale in a way that ensures we remain best-in-class. We can now create even more value for our customers.”

This partnership will help fast-track Roubler’s R&D to provide customers with new innovations across artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate robust decision making and create business efficiencies.

“Our world-class workforce management solution is about to become even more powerful. We will be rolling out new features that enable leaders to make informed business decisions based on data and benchmarking,” says Andrew Northcott.

“The investment from MYOB also gives us the opportunity to expand the incredible team to facilitate these enhancements and service our growing customer base globally. We will continue to operate as a separate business with no changes to our existing staff, structure or management.”

As always, Roubler’s focus remains on providing an exceptional experience for customers. A collaborative approach will continue to be core to creating a solution that transforms the way businesses manage their shift-based workforces.

“The Roubler team and I are genuinely passionate about the people and businesses we partner with, and are grateful for every conversation and interaction that has helped shape who we are today.

“We are looking forward to working with our customers and partners over the coming months to inform our strong culture of continuous improvement and ensure we deliver a leading platform, helping our customers’ businesses thrive.”

“Our customers have shared with us just how important strong, AI-enabled workforce management capabilities are to their success, and access to the right software can deliver savings in spades – not just in terms of cash, but time and risk,” says Kim Clarke, MYOB General Manager – Enterprise.

“To deliver the best all-in-one solution for the mid-market, we knew we needed the best in the market and for us, Roubler is the perfect fit. They have a razor-sharp customer focus and have used this to build an AI-enabled workforce management solution using a contemporary technology stack and frameworks.”

Wattlestone is excited to remain a substantial shareholder in the Roubler business alongside MYOB and looking forward to seeing the business and technology reach its true potential under a very unique partnership.