9 Jul 2020

Austpec Pastoral Wins Paddock to Palate Award

Wattlestone’s Austpec Pastoral cattle operation won two awards at the prestigious RNA Paddock to Palate Awards which showcase some of the oldest and best breeds in Australia. Austpec Pastoral won the best weight gain for a pen of six grain-fed steers (370 days) in the Wagyu Challenge. The pen of Wagyu-cross steers recorded an average daily weight gain of 1.239 kilograms with an avg final weight of 899.7kg, and also claimed the highest individual weight gain with an ADG of 1.39kg and final weight of 968kg

“We had pretty humble expectations with entering the competition, we certainly didn’t expect to go as well as we had,” Mr Sturrock, Austpec Pastoral,  General Manager said.

“It was just to get going and see how we were going to sit amongst our peers or our competition; if we performed poorly, we’d know we had some work to do and if we performed well, we knew we were headed in the right direction.”