8 Jan 2022

Long term Texas real estate investment continues to outperform

Wattlestone investment, Dallas based, Conti Capital led by Carlos Vaz is a leading real estate investment company focussed on Multifamily residential assets in the US “Sun Belt” region.

The Sun Belt region has accounted for 58% of the US population gain in the last decade with a USD 6.23 trillion GDP, headquarters for 128 of the Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, FedEx, Oracle, Coca Cola and many others, this combined with a cost of living index below the national average makes for a significant opportunity. The region’s economy is larger than the likes of Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia with 3,229 people added per day and more than 1 out of every 2 people added to the US population being added to the Sun Belt region.

Wattlestone partnered with Carlos and his team in 2016 and is aligned with the long term approach around the shift towards Multifamily assets with more than 1 in 3 people renting, the Multifamily asset class along with Conti’s management and value add track record with a vertically integrated approach towards operational excellence to maximise each property’s performance potential.